What do you think? license key mpeg2 vc1

I dont read much if buying a license key for mpeg 2 and the vc1 is a big win?
I just bought them for now as they where so cheap not to think about it.
Are there any oppinions on this?

It depends what kind of files you play. If you are just playing h.264/mpeg4 video files (common modern codec) then these are no good to you. If you want to play older files or files that might be encoded with these then yes, they might be beneficial.

They would be important/helpful if you want to play DVB-T .ts (transport streams) which are generally MPEG2

Thanks for sharing , i will get the keys arround 19 okt , it seems to be they are on holiday now. No Hurry here , i want to have them to make the box complete.