What font packages are needed for displaying Japanese and Korean characters?

Currently if I look at any of my tracks that are in my collection that have their tags in Hangul (korean), Kana, katakana and hirigana (japanese) they display on screen as empty boxes (tofu) when browsing the vero via my TV. They display as expected through the kodi app on my phone.

What font packages do I need to install on my vero to get these to display on my TV as expected instead of tofu.

I’ve installed fonts-noto-mono (japanese) and fonts-unfonts-core (korean) on the device and restarted but these characters still show up as tofu. Where as these same packages on debian and ubuntu computers I have, display the characters correctly.

It depends on the skin that you are using.

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Yeah, I see now. It appears that regardless of what theme I have set e.g. osmc skin, estuary or estouchy, if I leave the interface font as skin default they can not display these characters.

If I change the skin font to arial, they display properly.

Arial is a little harsher to look at than the default but needs must.

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Arial is currently the only viable option for non-Latin chars. But we’ve tried adjusting our OSMC skin to make Arial look as good as possible for this use case.

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