What happened to visualizations?

Back when I installed my first version of OSMC on my Raspberry Pi a few years back, there were a couple of different music visualizations available. With the fully updated latest version on Raspberry Pi 3, there seems to be none. Am I doing something wrong, or have all visualizations somehow fallen on the wayside and stopped being supported?

See this thread from the Kodi forum. No visualisation no install option

Thanks, I’ve already added Popcornmix and got the one visualization (Shadertoy) that is available that way. However, my question still stands: what happened to the visualizations, why do I need to manually add stuff instead of something being included with OSMC, as it earlier was?

I dunno. Maybe ask at the Kodi forums. It’s not really an OSMC issue.

You are mistaken. There were never other visualizations installed by default. There are actually very few visualizations that are compatible with the pi anyway.

All right then, I trust you know and I must have been mistaken. I’ve probably at some point installed them from external repositories. Sorry for the confusion.

I too wondered what happened to the “default” Waveform and spinning square/rainbow coloured equaliser bar visualisations. But not for too long, since the Shadertoy ones are better.