What is a normal fps for streaming video on pi 2?

I’ve been searching for two days for some idea of whether this is even a problem to be solved. Before the Aug upgrade I was getting about 10-12 on my rpi2 with most streaming media oin kodi. I had a modest oc to 1ghz and had tried a wide variety of settings including an advancedsettings.xml. what the settings were isn’t so important since they didn’t make any difference. After the update to Isengard I’m getting under 7 fps.

I’m using Big Buck Bunny as my source, though it doesn’t seem to matter. Even media on a usb drive gave the same playback. I have not purchased the mpeg2 or vx-1 codecs though i’m not playing anything that requires them.

I thought perhaps I had made some changes that caused this so I reloaded osmc and booted fresh. No change.

Perhaps this is normal for the pi. I have a cheap m8s box which has a frustratingly laggy GUI (far outperformed by the pi 2) but it can render the same video at about 24 fps and it looks noticeably better (it’s still running Helix, haven’t figured how to update that one yet). It hasn’t mattered whether they have been connected via Ethernet cable or wifi.

I’d like to think there is something I can do because the pi 2 is reputed to be much better than this box. I’m beginning to wonder…

Here’s hoping…

fps for the GUI isn’t a real concern. that jumps all over the place.
Thanks for getting back so quick.

So where are you reading FPS from? Sam is saying that reading the FPS from the GUI overlay is not accurate.

Thanks, I didn’t put that together. it’s from the overlay, though the same overlay is telling me 24ish from the android box. Helix vs Isengard and tha’t’s not osmc either. Any reasonable way to determine a real fps on a pi 2?

The FPS will be either the same as the GUI, or if you have Adjust refresh rate on, it will be the same frame rate as the video.

More FPS != better. What you really want is a good pulldown or a 1.1 mapping of frame rate of the source file to the actual display’s refresh rate.

Hope this clears things up


The fps number displayed in debug overlay is just for the GUI and doesn’t indicate the video framerate.

If the are no changes to a frame then update is skipped, so it is often less than the display frame rate.

When playing video we cap the GUI update rate to 10 fps to keep CPU down. You can disable this in video/acceleration settings.