What is 'mmcblk0p2' (RPi 3)

hi guys and girls of OSMC forums,

n00b here, with n00b question.

on my device i can see mmcblk0p1 and mmcblk0p2 in the System Menu. am i right in thinking that these are 2 partitions on my SD card? if so what does each of these partitions hold with OSMC installed?

if there is nothing on ‘mmcblk0p2’ (its only 7% used so i assume the rest is empty/unallocated/unused space) is it possible, on my pi3, to use it as a storage directory and share to my windows network?

i have a newly set up, fully up to date pi3 build with nothing extra installed.

would ideally like to set it up through SSH, if possible. Would anyone be able to explain it like im 5 :wink: ?

You don’t want to share mmcblk as that’s a raw block device.

Install Samba Server via the App Store.