What is my bitrate?

How can I display the bitrate while I watch a movie ?
I have some ones that stop or freeze.



You can check the bitrate of the media you are playing with MediaInfo


Or if you press popup-menu, OK, popup-menu while the video is playing, it will display the current bit-rate at any given moment. (MediaInfo will give you the average and - usually - peak bit-rate for the whole video).

Hey, you can also check with vlc https://www.howtogeek.com/323497/how-to-check-a-videos-bitrate-in-vlc/

I tried several buttons

  • “i” gives some information
  • “horizonatl lines” below the “i” button
  • “OK” button, and all the different buttons that come

but none of them give the bitrate
I have the first remote with forward and backward buttons

Thanks for help


i think angry.sardine refers to the codecinfo : https://kodi.wiki/view/Codecinfo
But I iirc the bitrate info for video was deprecated in one of the last versions. (edit nope not correct)

check this (require to attach a keyboard to the vero or remapp a button)

Ctrl + Shift + d shows CPU cores MEM FPS and log location.
Ctrl + shift + o more information aq,Kbs,att;vq,Mbs,fr,drop,skip,player,vsync

If your remote doesn’t have the necessary buttons, you could try controlling it from your phone with an app like Yatse.

I installed Yatse on my phone, I can control Vero with it. But I didn’t see how to display the bitrate. Do you have any info ?

I tried also the keyboard combination. It’s ok, but not very practical. At least, I have the info !
I shall look to remap a button.

Following the link, I found that : Video playback - Official Kodi Wiki
From there, there is a lot of informations.

Thanks all, the community is very helpful, and I appreciate a lot


With Yatse remote you can press the first button from the right while playing a video and you’ll see all the info you need.

The main screen in Yatse has buttons that correspond to those on a physical remote.


Towards the bottom you’ve got four arrow keys for up, right, down and left (teal coloured), with a white circle in the middle which is the “OK” button; above that is a row of five buttons - the one on the right-hand end is the popup menu button (it’s just to the right of the keyboard icon).

So, with a video playing, press the popup-menu button, then OK, then popup-menu again, and you should be seeing some real-time statistics, including the bit-rate at that moment.

Press the same sequence of keys again to hide the information.


I did that, but I didn’t get the bitrate.
After pressing the popup menu, I have the basic information. Pressing OK hides this information. And pressing again the popup menu show again the basic information, not bitrate.
What skin do you use ?


The default OSMC skin.

maybe try setting a custom command in yatse regarding CodecInfo Yatse Custom Commands