What is 'normal' cpu usage when Idle/Suspend on RPi3?

Hello there,

I’m just wondering what is normal CPU usage while kodi is doing nothing (displaying home screen with nothing moving on screen, even RSS feed disabled) or is in suspend mode?

I’ve experienced about 10-15% of CPU usage by Kodi process while it is in suspend mode. This seems somewhat high number to me as system is supposed to do ‘nothing’, but I don’t have any under the hood info about what is happening when system is suspended or just displaying home screen.

I’m using clean installation with just keymap addon installed.


10-15% when “idle” is perfectly normal, in fact that is lower than I’d expect. Nothing to worry about.

By the way what do you mean by suspend mode. The Raspberry Pi does not support a suspend mode.

In OSMC power menu there is ‘Suspend’ option, I think it just turns off TV output or so, because I can access rpi via SSH at any time and it automatically turns back on from ‘suspend’ mode when I press some button on remote controller.

btw Right now I’m using beta/alpha builds with Kodi 17.