What is the average temp for audio, video, streams?

I read somewhere that the Vero shuts down when reaching 120°, I wonder what’s the average temp for audio, video and streams.

is it even possible to talk about a default temp?

In normal room temperature in idle mode (home screen) without any background addons I record around 65°. This doesn’t increase while playing back videos as they are hardware accelerated and the GPU is producing less heat.
On a screen with scrolling text my temp goes up to around 80°

A standard temperature would depend where you are in the world, your home environment and how your Vero is situated.

If you haven’t experienced issues I wouldn’t worry about anything.


starting fresh in the morning, at around 23° in the room, I get 45-50°, during audio playback, and streams it reaches almost 100°. I was just wondering because it shut down recently a few times, and I had no clue…

What do you mean by streams? If you are streaming Youtube (or other web content) that may be using software rendering instead of hardware, which could cause the high temps.

yes, this I meant, be it Youtube or other web-based streams…

That would explain the higher temperatures then, as depending on the stream it may need to be rendered in software instead of using the hardware. Software rendering will raise the temp.

could web streams also use hardware rendering?

If the hardware can render them, it should be able to. But… It depends on how the stream is encoded and the add-on you may be using.

BTW, just checked my 4K. I’ve been watching video (local) for about 3 hours and CPU temp is 57C.

It’s a http://…….m3u8 or the downloaded file

That doesn’t tell how the stream is encoded. But from the temp you are running it’s a safe bet that it’s being rendered in software. If it’s running at 100C and not going over that then you should be fine.

I get BANDWIDTH=3371968,CODECS="avc1.77.31,mp4a.40.2",RESOLUTION=1280x720

playing FLAC (16 bits encoded) 96kHz heats it up to 92°

Here are my Vero4k values as another comparison:

Vero4k, OSMC skin, room temp. 24°C

video, 1080p, TrueHD + HDMI passthrough 56°C
video, 1080p, TrueHD + S/PDIF + PCM 2.0 + AC3-Transcoding 58°C
video, 720p (GUI set to 720p = no upscaling), AC3 + passthrough 59°C
video, 720p, (GUI set to 1080p = 1080p upscaling), AC3 + passthrough 61°C
stream, 720p Live-TV, AC3 60°C
stream, 1080i Live-TV, AC3 63°C
stream, youtube 720p, PCM 60°C
FLAC, 16 bit 44.1 KHz 2-channel PCM 58°C
FLAC, 16 bit 44.1 KHz stereo upmix, AC3-transconding 60°C
FLAC, 24 bit 96 kHz stereo upmix, AC3-transconding 70°C
FLAC, 24 bit 96 kHz 2-channel PCM 67°C

From my point of view your Vero’s temperatures are NOT normal and cannot be explained by normal usage.

Hmm, any idea what to look for?

used skin, unknown add-on, hardware-defect …

What about the following strategy:

  1. re-install OSMC, no add-ons, no skin changes, only audio settings for your soundbar
  2. put a FLAC on a USB stick and play this … monitor the temperatur
  • if the temperature again increases, it smells like a HW issue but you can provide such FLAC flike, so someone here confirms whether the behavior is normal or not

  • if the temperature stays normal, make changes like add-ons and other skin, etc. step-by-step and verify the temperature with the FLAC test with each step … if the temp jumps high, you’ve got the devil with the last change you made

Just an idea for a tiny troubleshooting.

thanks, but before testing it I wonder if I can save my settings and addons (plus settings) somehow to import them afterwards.

The MyOSMC add-on provides this function.

You mean the log uploader? But how would I import the addons/settings later on?

Please explore the add-on a bit more.