Whats that little square rainbow on top left?


I tried to connect my PiUSV to my new Raspberry Pi2 Model B. Only when I connect my PiUSV there is that little rainbow-like square on top right of every screen. I think that is the same as the very first bootscreen.

That PiUSV uses pins 1,2,3,5,6.

I am afraid using that one might harm my Pi but that also could be a software thing that wants to tell me something(?).




Thanks Sam!

As the PiUSV powers the Pi through GPIO Pins while the Pi has no power cord directly connected is it possible that this “error” is wrong? Is there a way to disable that square if so?

No, the error is not wrong (it’s detemined at hardware level).

Your method of powering the device is not providing enough current I’m afraid.

I think there may be a way to remove that message, but it’s there for a reason


To remove the square add


to config.txt, but like sam said, its there for a reason.

Ok, I will try another powersupply. As for now I am using one with 2A output but I think this could be an issue with the USV output dropping voltage somehow as only the Pi itself runs very fine even under heavy load. Will have to figure that out.

Thanks so far!