When has opensubtitles add on gone? Or whats the best one after that?


I used to use opensubtitles a lot, but it seems to have disappeared? Should it be still available?

If not whats the next best one? I used to like it because a lot of its subtitles would auto sync, and it had good Portuguese and Spanish subtitles.

Thanks in advance.


according to Kodi wiki it was removed from the official repo because it contained adverts.

You can always get it straight from git and install it manually. Release 5.0.14 · amet/service.subtitles.opensubtitles · GitHub

I usually use subscene though when I need subs.

yea they where inserting adverts inside subtitles. Quite bad practice indeed.

On the other hand the repo with opensubtitles addon is still alive. Just use google and search for the repository.