When I hit the esc key 4 times

I found a feature that I am finding very useful in my learning of OSMC and Linux in general. By total accident found a list of commands by hitting the esc key 4 times while in terminal mode. This gave me the total list of commands I can use in OSMC while in the terminal mode and I found this amazing!

hit esc 4 times

Display all 882 possibilities? (y or n)

I hit y and then spacebar to look at one page at a time

So I started checking the wiki and other related sources that were mentioned to find out more information on this and came up with nothing about this or other features like it. So I started some Google-Fo on it and also came up with nothing about this. I even went to the Raspbian and Raspberry Pi forums to see if there was anything about this and also nothing.

Note: I did try hitting esc 4 times in Raspbian and this did not happen in that os so this is something that is specific to OSMC from what I can reproduce.

So…can anyone shed some light on this? Seems like it could be very useful and has lots of possibilities. I would like to know more :slight_smile:

Same as pressing tab, it’s autocompleting every possible input for you