When will F2FS come back?

Since F2FS was in RASPBMC already once, I like to know when it will come (back) to OSMC?

Hi duri,

It was deprecated for a while in Raspbmc.

  • no fsck at the time (I am aware there is now an fsck, but we would likely need to implement initramfs which would complicate things greatly).
  • honeymoon period: does seem faster initially but slows down after a while. I have never seen benchmarks myself that show performance after the filesystem has been broken in.


Progress has been made with f2fs in general.
Personally, I have moved the OSMC install to f2fs, it’s not that hard.
Performance is the same or better. It’s easier on the SD-card that’s for sure - as I use my Pi as a webserver as well with big databases / logging enabled, this is a plus.

The only problem is I keep getting e2fsck error on boot (OSMC doesn’t check if the mmcblkp02 device is actually an ext filesystem.
Can I disable the check? It’s useless on F2FS.
Can’t find a script anywhere; it’s compiled into the boot image, right?

Just add nofsck to the end of the line of options in /boot/cmdline.txt that will stop the fsck check.

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To get OSMC to boot f2fs, you will need to make initramfs changes.
If you have made some changes and want to get them included in OSMC proper, please submit a pull request.

See package/kernel-osmc/initramfs for the scripts.

@sam_nazarko funny you should say that, I’ve just posted this thread which covers two pre-requisites required in initramfs for booting OSMC from other filesystems.

That’s cool, but actually i’m still booting from the first fat32 partition; just install f2fs-tools beforehand, converted the filesystem of the 2nd ext4 to f2fs from my linux machine, that’s it. (and set in cmdline.txt rootfstype=f2fs )

F2FS supports fsck now. I would want to see support for this in initramfs if we were to officially support it.

f2fs-tools won’t make a difference as the initramfs is RO and the tools won’t be available to it, just the root filesystem post mount

Ok, thanks. Well, then it already works out of the box completely.
Btrfs I couldn’t get to work at all, but supposedly because e2fsck fubarred my btrfs partition, is that possible?
I haven’t modified initramfs

I’ve git BTRFS working, but only by creating a custom initramfs

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