When will OSMC have FTP server implemented? RPi2

anytime soon? winkwink

sudo apt-get install ftp-app-osmc```

Been mentioned before


sorry its hard to keep up im trying thanks got that one

yer rawking out many thanks

ssh on mac is easy but im splashtoped into it on TF300T

Many thank yous keep up the good work how does a ver. 0.0.4 app be so stable hehe really

Thanks, Sam


P.S. I dont wanna like bug you with little things i figure you have same issues we all do as this is your project but as far as keeping “updates” i used to have it check on reboot then i realised i could just ssh for them and now theres the lil part of the GUI that says UPDATES with the goo-covered M but and i bet you have answered this 100 times… it seems to think there are ALWAYS files to get when i click on manual controls and scan for updates now, but then when it seeminly nabs them and i go to click on apply updates now it doesnt stop mediactr (i forgot the syntax) and drop to the core “blue” and install anything there and then i see that thing when i reboot that goes by FAST but i think says updates available (once the GUI is up) and so
What do YOU suggest to stay up to date without A) bugging you and B) doing the way i just described, or does it matter?

Thanks again bud