When will wifi be fixed in rc release

will there be a update to fix the wifi drops in rc version because its getting very annoying now there is lots of people going on about this but nothing has been sorted for it yet like most people who use osmc most will be wanting to use wifi and not connection via router so to me at the moment rc is useless because cant take my router in the kitchen in bedroom etc why wasn’t this sorted before rc version was released most people will want to use it via wifi so the constant drops are very annoying

Feel free to send us your wifi dongle and we can make sure it works in all future releases.


@Karnage all 3 of my dongles drop connections in osmc rc its not the dongles .its the rc release that’s the problem or is everyone that also says there dongles drop connection wrong aswell send me the postage and packing money and ill be happy to send you the dongles just to prove that they work . happy?

When is future release ? I think you have already details of many wifi dongles … :smile:

When it’s ready. We will not be providing an ETA.


Did I really just get you to ask US to pay money to fix a problem YOU are having with software written by US and provided to YOU for FREE? Really?

I don’t have anything to do with fixing the wifi issues but I know people are working on them. It is not as if anyone is saying that some people arent having issues with their wifi dongles.

There are literally hundreds of wifi dongles out there. Hundreds.Its is not as if there is one driver to control them all.

You will see an update when there is an update. Until then, please let us know what more you sense you are entitled to.

365 Days… :smile: would be good prediction. Adding few drivers is very difficult…I know …

Then you can add them yourself, right?

This IS open source. Let’s see the PR.

Here you go: github.com/samnazarko/osmc/