Where to backup settings of OSMC skin customization

Hi guys,

I have spent 30 minutes customizing the OSMC skin to how I like the main menus etc.

Where are these settings stored so I can copy them to my other 3 installations around the house?

I tried to transfer guisetttings.xml across then sudo reboot but it just defaults the previous config when it reboots…?

Make sure file permissions are right and also make sure that Kodi is NOT running while copying guisettings as it will be overwritten when Kodi shuts down,

ok I successfully got it to keep my guisettings.,xml but the menu is still wrong. Would it be stored in the addons under the skin folder somewhere?

Found it, It’s stored in Kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.skinshortcuts

The backup function in the update module of MyOSMC would allow you to specify what to backup here as well.

That “backup settings of OSMC skin customization” question bothers me also…

@rhys100 saved my day by finding the exact xml file and @ActionA helped by suggesting an automation of the backup process !!
thank you all !

No I can see the content of the compressed backup file created my MyOSMC and in there lies the desired script.skinshortcuts

The question is: how can I “import” those settings in a fresh new install of OSMC so I can have an identical OSMC installation as my first one ? (something like MyOSMC restore ??)


Oh forgive me for being in a hurry !!
The option was there… just below the “backup now” … but didn’t see it!
MyOSMC > Updates > Manual Controls > Restore a backup of settings now
didn’t use it yet, but it’s there and obvious!!

thanks for creating OSMC !!