Where's my Fan Art on OSMC?

Hy! I’m having a problem with my Raspberry Pi 3.

I don’t know why my fan art doesn’t appear with OSMC Skin.
As an example for my problem I used this files on my usb drive:

As you can see on this screenshot only the poster appears and no fan art.

But if I change the skin to Estuary the Fan Art magically appears at the background :slight_smile:

And at the Skin Settings I have the option “Show fanart images” activated.

So this is definitely a problem of OSMC Skin. Any help are welcome.

Here are my logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/koqiqavubu - I only changed from OSMC Skin to Estuary to see the background fan art and was back to OSMC Skin to upload these logs. I hope this help somewhat.


Am I the only one who has this problem?

Could someone with any Raspberry Pi try to do the same thing as I did? It takes 5 minutes or less putting an MP4 and JPEG image into a USB Drive. Just to see if the result is the same.
I would appreciate it alot.

Did you add the USB drive location as a source? You may only get fanart when in the library.

All of my films are on a USB drive and scraped to a library and yes, I get fanart from all of them.

Yes, I have “Set content” as Movies on my USB and I can only see the posters and the information of .nfo files like the plot, actors, etc.

Are you getting that on a Raspberry Pi? Which version of it? Or are you using Vero?

Raspberry Pi 2 for me.

OMG… I just found the problem and this one is a really silly one.

I started by doing a fresh new install of OSMC and the first thing I tried was to see if the fan art really showed up or not and for my surprise yesh! the fan art appeared :slight_smile:
Then it was time to set up OSMC to my likings. After all that I returned back to see if the fan art was still showing up… and Nope! it didn’t. I knew that happened when I changed my Home Menu so I restored the Menu to it’s defaults and voila the fan art appeared again.

So after all this time I found out that if you delete the first entry “Movies” the fan art doesn’t show at all… so weird. From now on I just disable the entry “Movies” and the problem is fixed (facepalm).

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