White screen / glitchy behaviour with 4k files since July update

Got back from holiday and applied the July update to my Vero 4K. I have a 1080 environment with the Vero connected to a Marantz receiver. Started playing back a file today to see if the user adjustment of contrast now works (it did - fantastic! I can now get the brightness levels to match blu rays), but on starting another file I had audio but a white screen. I’ve noticed on pressing Stop that the system seems to semi-crash before the Kodi home screen eventually comes back. The 4K files in question worked fine before the July update. Here is a sample log.


An update regarding the issue where pressing Stop seems to take an age before the Kodi interface comes back - this seems to be related to whether the file has passthrough audio enabled or not. My receiver is Dolby/DTS-HD compatible, with passthrough pressing Stop leads to a noticeable delay before the interface comes back, if I switch to PCM, the interface comes back straight away. This is the first OSMC build where I’ve noticed this. This is consistent across all files, 4K and 1080.

So far, only one 4K title has the white screen issue, it’s persistent, will downgrade to previous build and report back.

I have resolved the Stop issue, it was a frame-rate delay setting I’d forgotten I had played with.

The white screen issue for the problem 4K title is not present with the June build, only have audio with the July build.

Does this happen with all files or just one?


I have around 30 4K files and only one of them, that features in the log I posted, plays back with a white screen. The problem title is fine with pre-July versions of OSMC.

Seems to be resolved. On a hunch, I changed the filename, and the file played fine. I reverted the filename and the white screen came back, suggesting a brightness/contrast setting issue. I don’t know how, but in tweaking the contrast by a small amount on other files, on this title the brightness/contrast were at 100. Have been able to re-set now.

Would just like to say how pleased I am that file-specific contrast adjustment is working now - this is perfect for me with a modest collection of 4K files and a non-HDR TV. Although the HDR-to-SDR conversion is pretty good, I find on most titles that it just under-shoots the contrast by a few points, so for my 4K files I am setting the contrast now at 55%, and in the meantime I can enjoy the higher-bit-rate audio that many 4K titles have compared to their blu-ray cousins. Great work by all at OSMC.