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Hi all,

I recently got my Vero 4k+ and love it :-). I have one minor issue though: if I change the background in Settings/Interface/Configure skin (for OSMC Skin)/Customise Home Menu/Choose item for menu/Select background, the background in all but one widget does not change anymore, it only shows the background that i put in there, the one exception being the “movies in progress” widget, where the background is still changing according to the movie that is in focus. As it works in principle I suppose that it is not a bug, but I’m overlooking a setting somewhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction where to look?


Will have a look at this. It sounds like a bug.
You’ve set the individual background(s) for the in progress movie widget or all the others?

That’s where I set the background:

I did some further research and added a 2nd “progress movie” widget, and in this one it’s also not working, same problem as with all the other widgets.


Just to understand correctly and to be able to reproduce: You have multiple widgets set for the movies entry and for the movies entry you’ve set an single background image. The issue is that you don’t see individual fanart art in the background as soon as you select one of the movies entrie’s widget’s items? The single background image set for the movies entry stays visible all the time?

Yes, that is exactly the problem. The same problem for the TV shows (all widgets) and for the music (all widgets). Only exception is one of the 2 “movies in progress” widgets, which changes the fanart according to the selected movie. I may have removed all original widgets and then readded them from the preconfigured widgets, maybe that’s part of the problem?

Also, as soon as I remove the background from the menu entry (movies, tv shows or music), the widgets work fine again.

What type of widgets are the other ones?


  • In progress Movies (working)
  • Recently Added Movies (not working)
  • In progress Movies (just to test, not working)
  • Unwatched Movies (not working)
  • Random Movies (not working)

TV shows:

  • In Progress TV Shows (not working)
  • Unwatched TV Shows (not working)
  • Random TV Shows (not working)


  • Recently Released Albums (not working)
  • Recently Added Albums (not working)
  • Recently Played Albums (not working)
  • Most Played Albums (not working)
  • Random Albums (not working)

Ok, thx! Will check this out.

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I’ve tested this with the newest version of the skin I’m currently working on: there’s no way for me to reproduce. Once I set an individual background image/folder for a single home menu entry, that image/folder is shown as a background for that home menu item and fanart of widget items is working for the widget(s) of that home menu item as well as all others. I’ve also tried selecting other widgets than the default ones… It’s working in all scenarios here.

I’d ask you to wait for the next update and check whether it’s working (again) then. :+1:t2: Besides that I’m currently out of ideas.

Will do, thanks for testing :+1:. Do you have any idea when the next update is coming out?

Soon, I guess.

FYI. I just installed the latest update and everything works now as expected :+1: Thanks!

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Glad to hear this!