Wifi AC dongle

Hi all.

I have the Crystal card installed and need a wifi-dongle for the USB-port.
I have seen the “osmc” wifi-dongle, but i would prefer a faster model - perhaps an AC model. I already have a ZyXEL NWD6505 AC USB dongle but that doesn’t work.
Do you guys know af any fast AC USB dongle that works (if none exists, then a faster N model (300-450 mbit/s))? I don’t care if the dongle is big and have external antenna(s).

Thanks :slight_smile:

We will sell an 802.11ac WiFi dongle soon


You might have better performance with a WiFi bridge connected to the Ethernet port than a USB dongle


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a bridge will always outperform a usb dongle

This depends on the # of devices connected

Maybe this is a stupid question, but how can an ethernet wifi bridge outperform a, lets say 1200mbit ac USB dongle, when the Apple tv “only” has 100mbit ethernet? (i know usb 2 will restrain the speed, but not all the way down to 100mbit).

Cool… do you know what the price will be?

Yes – not much more than the 802.11n dongle. I will send you an email when it is available.


The theoretical speed of USB2 is not always the speed you can achieve. The CPU overhead of driving a USB2 device on a single core device such as an ATV1 can also be quite significant.

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