WiFi Connection Failed

Recently updated to RC2. I opened network from OSMC settings and enabled Wireless. Each time I entered my password the connection failed. I was then able to close the network window and open it again and it would successfully connect to my Wifi. If I reboot the wifi does not automatically connect. I have to open Network and select my Wifi network and it connects (adapter is already enabled and it does not ask for my password)

Log file after I reboot and manually reconnect to wifi. http://paste.osmc.io/erozacenen

Regarding not automatically reconnecting on reboot, make sure you do not have Ethernet connected.

Wifi will not auto connect with Ethernet connected.

Ethernet adapter is disconnected and disabled. I also have wait for network checked on the wireless settings because I’m using MySQL. OSMC waits to boot, wifi dongle light flashes and finds the network (according to the onscreen updates), but once Kodi loads there is no network connection, the light on my wifi dongle is off and I have to manually connect.

Can you try running connmanctl services ? Paste the result here.

Please can you post the name of the adapter and an image of it?


My network is “The Boss”

osmc@osmc:~$ connmanctl services

*AO The Boss             wifi_801f02ee78de_54686520426f7373_managed_psk
    DIRECT-qk[TV]PN51E550 wifi_801f02ee78de_4449524543542d716b5b54565d504e353145353530_managed_psk
    HP-Print-F8-Deskjet 3510 series wifi_801f02ee78de_48502d5072696e742d46382d4465736b6a6574203335313020736572696573_managed_none
    linksys              wifi_801f02ee78de_6c696e6b737973_managed_wep

Edimax EW-7811Un purchased from Amazon.