Wifi Connection


I have 1 vero4k that needs to go on wireless, my home network has 3 x wireless adapters but 1 is reserved for laptop only lets this mac address on it

Now mobile phones and other devices connect to the same SSID but always goes on the available ones, but the vero4k always tries to go on the one reserved for laptop.

Rather then create another SSID is there any thing i can do?

Are you saying that you have three wireless adapters (access points), all using the same SSID and you want to control which physical access point the Vero4K uses?

ConnMan generates a combination of SSID + MAC of base station for each network, so this might be possible.

But we do need to know more about the requirements


Yeah, Dillthedog

So i have

Router 2.4 and 5ghz, any thing can connect to this
Accesspoint1 is 2.4ghz any thing can connect to this
Accesspoint2 is 2.4 and 5ghz but dedicated for Laptop so only Laptops MAC is allowed

All have the same SSID

What else would you need to know sam? the vero4k can connect to any but Accesspoint2

Hi @Cah1982

If you run:

scan wifi

and wait a few seconds, then type:


Do you only see your network once? If so – it may not be possible for ConnMan to differentiate between the base stations.

Hi sam,

yes i only see my SSID once, and theres 2 accesspoints in the room, 1 is the restricted one

If accesspoint2 is meant to be used for a single machine exclusively I fail to see the point in sharing a ssid with the other devices. I also am confused on both why you would need more than one access point in the same room, and why use wifi for the vero in the first place if there is already (i’m assuming) ethernet in the same room.

So the one that is just for laptop is because I often move large files to server, the other access point in same room is for mobile phones, ipods.

the vero 4k in this room is wired, but i have 2 other vero4ks, 1 will be hard wired, the other is going to another room where wired is not possible due to room layout, powerline would be the next option

When i said i have 2 accesspoints in this room, this is my main vero4k and one i was closest to

I assumed you were doing it for performance reasons. I just question if running two AP’s in the same room actually gets you much, if anything. If your AP2 can’t handle going full bore with more than one device connected then that doesn’t say much for that AP. Running multiple AP’s, especially with 5ghz, works well (I do this myself), but you should only need this for coverage reasons. But if you still want to have a dedicated AP just for your laptop I don’t see why you need it using the same SSID. Your laptop should be capable of switching networks if you move it out of range. It is very common for people to find they have a much easier time getting their network to act as they want to when they split their SSID’s (normally they are just talking between 2.4 and 5 ghz but your situation applies as well).

the 2 APs in the same room

1 is a 5ghz and 2.4, this is one i use for laptop as it uses the 5ghz
2 is a 2.4 which has a much longer range

the 1st would be able to handle multiple connected, but as i said. last thing i want is people streaming though this and my transfer rates to drop.

I like to use same SSID then when i move between rooms, the laptop stays connected to one of the APs

I could hide the SSID of the laptops AP, but does this mean other devices not connected to that AP could try to connect?

Would there be anything to stop you creating a separate SSID for the Vero4K on the 2.4 Ghz band? If it’s USB3 or PCI/PCIe you’re unlikely to saturate the interface and the 5 GHz band will still be free for the laptop.

Connection on laptop is 866mbps

yeah seperate SSID is possible on router, I might get lucky when there set up on the TVs there meant for (xmas present) as itll be further away from these access points, currently just configured them to where current unit is.

Was hoping it could be all set up so xmas day its plug n play lol

You can also try turning the signal strength of the 5ghz down as well. A good 2.4ghz can often be better than a marginal 5ghz. As 5ghz does not penetrate walls well this can be very effective where when you are in the same room as a 5ghz AP you have great speed but it switches over to the 2.4 easily when you leave.

Yeah, thats partially why i have 5ghz upstairs and down,

Sure i`ll work something out, didnt know if 2.4ghz would be ok for HD videos, luckily they wont need 4k at min.

if all else fails, it can use this AP tempory and i`ll get powerline adapters