WiFi dongle for ATV1 to work straight out of the box.?

Hi Guys, is there a Wifi dongle out there that works on the ATV1 with the Crystal HD Card installed, if so can you name it or give internet address, etc.

I have backported most of our WiFi support to 4.2, so most dngles should work.

This will definitely work:



Thank you Sam,
I have just put the order in for one off OSMC, I gather there is no software to install. ?
And thanks again for all your hard work in getting the ATV1 back up and running, I have three all up and running with the HD install, found that when you power up, and Kodi starts, we should all take a 5 minute break before scrolling through the various video’s, program’s etc, this aids the small amount of Ram we have left after the booting up process, found this out pretty quickly after my first install, rushing around provoked the ATV1 to do a bootup, but now that I’ve figured this out all three boxes are working out fine. Also tried the update file, same thing happened to myself, unhappy face icon, so a fresh HD install taking about 5 minutes, and we are back in business. HAPPY DAYS.

No software needed

It will be sent later today