WiFi issue

I am running OSMC on a RPi 1B and I have a Netis WF2120 WiFi dongle.I set up my network in the installer and installed to my SD card. I booted OSMC and noticed the date was wrong, I decided to check network settings. I opened my OSMC and then networks. Under wireless, my router was listed and connected however the status said ‘Status: wlan0 (No Internet)’ I disabled the wireless and reenabled, I selected my router and entered the password and instantly it said connection failed. I booted the Pi into terminal and attempted a manual connection with connmanctl and it said I was already connected to my router. I pinged various sites and they all ping fine. and traceroute looked normal. So as far as I can see Kodi/OSMC is refusing to use my internet connection for some reason. Does anyone have any advice?