Wifi multihoming on Vero 4k+, possible?

Hi, can Vero 4k+ connect to multiple wifi at the same time? I tried briefly today but it seemed not possible. Is it a hardware limitation or can it be enabled via configuration?


In theory it could be possible with concurrent mode, but ConnMan wouldn’t support this.

Can you elaborate on the use case?

At home I haven’t any internet connection. So I use my cell phone as hotspot (just to update the system, and for library purposes (movie images, thumbnails, etc).
I have a Vero 4k with USB drive with movies, music, etc, then I added a Vero 4k+, using the new one as client, all works beautifully. They’re linked via wifi using an old router (I’d like to use ethernet in future, but I’ll have to drill some walls for the cable…) without internet, just DHCP with IP assigned by the router.
When I need to update the library, I disconnect from the router, and connect to the cell phone.

No problem, if it’s a big hassle to solve it, I’ll buy a data sim and a 4G access point :wink:

You shouldn’t need to connect to both networks at once then, if I understand your issue correctly.

yes, it’s just a curiosity if it’s possible, not a real issue.

I appreciate the quick response :+1:

Would plugging the ethernet to the router and then settings tethering wifi to ethernet on the Vero work to give internet to both devices at the same time? I’ve never played with this but I assume you would have to turn off dhcp on the router and just use it as an access point.

probably it will work. I’ll try next week, thanks