Wifi problems

Hey everyone,

I hope that someone here can help me with my little wifi problem. Here’s what happened:

I had my wifi perfectly setup and running. When browsing through the “my osmc” network settings, I highlighted the “enable wifi adapter” setting and accidentally pressed some button which would then immediately disable wifi. So now I have no way to enable it again because I cannot connect to the rpi anymore.
I have no way to connect the rpi via cable as I share the wifi with my neighbors and the router is in their house. I do not have a USB keyboard.
Is there any way to edit the “my osmc” network settings on the sd card in a conf file or something? I think this would do the job for me.

P.S.: To prevent this from happening, it would be a good idea to implement a confirm button or something when en/disabling a network adapter.

Can you plug in a usb keyboard to manually re-enable wifi?

nope, unfortunately I do not have one.

edit: Found it. If anyone else is wondering: The file is located here: \var\lib\connman\settings

Just re-enable wifi there and everything should be fine.

So if you had no keyboard available to turn the wifi back on via My OSMC, and no network connection to connect with SSH, how did you edit the file ?

Some people might have Linux PCs :wink:
(Or virtual machines)

Sorry for the late reply. I do not have a Linux PC, but I installed Paragon ExtFS for Windows and simply edited the file on the SD Card on my PC. This works perfectly.