Will Vero also support Win10?

As i heard the Raspberry Pi 2 will be support Win10.
Is it possible with vero too?

In theory, the Vero has everything to support Windows 10, but the real issue is likely licensing. As such, unless Microsoft made a generic ARM version available, it’s not likely to happen. Different software for different products

Hey Sam,
thanks for your fast reply!

So Win10 will support ARM, but only on the RaspPi2?

Thats why, beside very nearly (better) hardware, Win10 won’t run?

Well thats not that bad as I want OSMC anyway, but for streaming services it would have been nice :slight_smile:

Keep on the good work!


No one knows this early on, but I suspect the Pi will get a license, which we won’t be able to get on Vero. The limitation for running it on Vero will be artificial: the hardware is more than capable.

Stay tuned on that front. Vero is getting some nice perks soon.