Winscp advancedsettings.xml

Hi, Sam first of all thanks for al your hard work!

i installed osmc alpha 4 on my new raspberry pi 2 and it runs great!

But i have a couple of questions.

Where do i have to copy my advancedsetting.xml?

is it in /usr/share/kodi/userdata.

And how to install oscam and tvheadend?

i have a sundtek media tv pro dvb-c usb stick is this supported in osmc?


Not sure on your other points, but you should copy your advancedsettings.xml file to:

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hi i have the same problem, i do not found the file “advancedsetting” in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/ or /usr/share/kodi/userdata…

But i found this file in “/usr/share/kodi/system” my question is This is the file that is modified or have to create another?.

(Winscp not allow me to modify this file)

please help. thanks