Wireless Connection Hangs

Hi all,

I’m running a Pi +B with OSMC on the latest build. I bought this wireless antenna from the Pi store https://thepihut.com/products/usb-wifi-module-with-antenna-for-raspberry-pi. I would assume that it’s compatible?

In the Wireless settings, the networks are being picked up by the Pi and Antenna, however when I try connecting to them, I just get the loading spinner. I can’t exit the connection attempt so I’m having to remove the power from the device to kill it.

It works fine over an Ethernet connection.

Many thanks,


It would be nice to upload some logs, maybe the devs would be able to see something in there.
But…i was having similar problems with my stick…Did you try changing your encryption protocols for starters?
You probably have WPA2+PSK on the router…Give it a try with WEP or no password at all for starters and see if it connects. I am not saying to keep it there…just for testing…To see if the stick can actually connect at all.