Wireless Dongle from OSMC Store :(

So the wifi dongle I purchased recently from the store is having some weird problems.

First, on my pi3, it ONLY sees 5ghz. Which is fine since that’s what I bought it for but I found that a bit strange.

After seeing my 5ghz (nice full dots) when I enter my passphrase is eventually says “connection to ROUTERNAMEHERE failed”…Yes it’s the correct passphrase. I’ve tried moving the pi3 next to the router but no change at all to behavior.

Yes, I edited config.txt dtoverlay=sdhost. Don’t use MAC blocking/accepting on the router.

Any ideas?

Usual reason 2.4Ghz networks don’t show is because the region is not set / incorrect.

Have you tried connecting via the command line using a keyboard? It should give a precise reason why the connection failed.

Are you using a good PSU?


Thanks for the quick reply Sam.

Unless there is another area to set the region inside or outside Kodi the region is correctly.

PSU is canakit 2.5A, seems to be working fine. I had gotten it to replace a substandard PSU. I dont know how rejecting my passphrase would be tied to the PSU…AC speed maybe but autho? Im not the expert though and could look for another source of power to test.

Never connected in command line directly to the rasp, just SSH terminal/folder (more folder). Im a copy paste linux guy. Well, copy paste and then totally forget, so later when I have to do something I have to re-research the whole thing and rediscover things that work and things that dont.

If you would let me know the commands I can try and see what’s going on.

Thank you!

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The power related issue arises because connection is very power hungry and if there is insufficient energy available the dongle will reset during the process.

Have you disabled the internal WiFi on the Pi3?

There are lots of resources here on the forum that will give you the precise commands for disabling the built in WiFi and setting the region and also connecting via the commandine. You can search with the magnifying glass. Usually any search for “Pi3 WiFi” will give you all three answers in the first few threads.

It doesn’t seem to reset after I input my pass-phrase and its still available to try to connect to other available 5g wifi, including my own after it fails. Yes, the internal wifi was disabled with dtoverlay=sdhost. If I dont disable it the usb dongle wont let me even try to connect as selecting the wifi and hitting enter does nothing.

I have tried with another PSU and I get the same response.

Probably best at this point to provide full logs using grab-logs -A, then post the URL it returns.

Have you tried Sam’s original suggestion to set the country code?

Is there another place to set the region?

Install crda sudo apt-get install crda and use it to set the country code

Thank you. Will try that as soon as I can. Long weekend @ work before holidays :frowning:

i have changed over to a wired setup as that was an easier solution for the time being as I start grad school again and dont have the time to figure this out. Thanks for everyones help and I will get back to it one day.

Until then does anyone know what windows 7 driver I need for this adapter to work?