Wireless in Alpha 4 is completely borked

I did the install to my SD card on my Windows box, and I configured the wireless settings during install. They simply do not work, and since there’s no way to configure it from the GUI, I’m stuck.

How can I fix this?


Look in the OSMC installer folder on your pc, is there a preseed.cfg file?
If there is, drop it into the /boot/ folder on the sdcard.

boot up the pi, ssh into it, type

wait a minute or 2

what happens?

I used the Windows installer, there is no installer folder on the pc.
I don’t know how to ssh into it.

My frustration levels with not having GUI controls for wireless is beyond description.

In that case, best bet is to go back to Raspbmc until OSMC gets to release candidate or final.

I can’t. It’s on Helix 14, which has the keyboard input bug. That’s why I went with OSMC to stay with the same devs and get 14.1.

Oh is that so??

Well, I happily stand corrected. I shall be reinstalling raspbmc very shortly.

Thank you.