Wireless mobile 3500 mouse support

Hi! I’m not sure if i’m going the correct route here by submiting a request like this here but i’m new so if threre is another way please let me know so i dont make the same mistake again.

I recently purchased this mouse and it isnt working on osmc. It worked on openelec but decided to switch over because of things i’ve been reading. anyway it is a bluetooth dongle that is exclusive to the mouse. it says model no: 1571,1496.

I’m not sure if I need to install the driver or if I need to so something else.

please advice


Is your Vero on the latest software update?

Is this a Vero 1 or Vero 2?

Oh no im running on the apple TV1. Been looking at the vero though, its a sweet deal

I had wondered why you mentioned OpenELEC!

In future you can select AppleTV which will put your post in the right section

The ATV kernel is probably missing a device driver. I will see if I can add it


Awesome, thanks sam. I see what you mean about catagory, sorry abput that. Thanks!!