Wlan connection only!

Hi all,
I am completely new to this, i bought my raspberry pi 3 just before christmas and haven’t used it for anything yet!
right, I’ve downloaded Noobs from the Raspberry Pi site.
I’ve transferred Noobs onto my memory card.
Started up the Raspberry Pi with memory card, managed to get an internet connection, found OSMC and installed. Seemed like no problems to this point…
I’ve then gone through the OSMC setup, time zone etc, and when it gets to network it can’t find a network. So I finish the setup, and then gone to network settings.
My router is on the list, password in, CONNECTED. But there is no internet connection, just a connection to my router.
Am i being really stupid, is there something i need to change on my router to allow this to connect? Its a SKY router.
I really look forward to hearing from somebody with some help, as i have no idea what I’m doing and no idea what to search for online to resolve it. and its doing my head in!!!
thanks in advance

Spencer (absolute NOOB)

What is indicating to you that you have no internet connection? Because this could possibly be reported wrong in the Kodi System Info screen if that is the location you are referring to.

Hi thanks for the reply. I’ve tried to visit a link in file manager and a screen comes up saying that I don’t have an internet connection. Although my network settings say it’s connected to my network

You need to SSH into the pi and ping a known good address such as google. You need a second confirmation other than your “link in file manager.”


ok, i think I’ve done that correctly. and this was the result…

The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
Updating APT cache. Please be patient.
Generating locales (this might take a while)…
en_GB.UTF-8… done
Generation complete.
osmc@osmcspud:~$ ping google.com
PING google.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=57 time=14.516 ms
64 bytes from seq=1 ttl=57 time=15.713 ms
64 bytes from seq=2 ttl=57 time=21.949 ms
64 bytes from seq=3 ttl=57 time=19.343 ms
64 bytes from seq=4 ttl=57 time=21.398 ms
64 bytes from seq=5 ttl=57 time=19.712 ms
64 bytes from seq=6 ttl=57 time=117.506 ms
64 bytes from seq=7 ttl=57 time=15.173 ms
64 bytes from seq=8 ttl=57 time=22.615 ms
64 bytes from seq=9 ttl=57 time=22.513 ms
64 bytes from seq=10 ttl=57 time=22.523 ms
64 bytes from seq=11 ttl=57 time=20.157 ms
64 bytes from seq=12 ttl=57 time=22.128 ms
64 bytes from seq=13 ttl=57 time=21.148 ms
64 bytes from seq=14 ttl=57 time=19.054 ms
64 bytes from seq=15 ttl=57 time=20.565 ms
64 bytes from seq=16 ttl=57 time=35.022 ms
64 bytes from seq=17 ttl=57 time=17.682 ms
64 bytes from seq=18 ttl=57 time=116.955 ms
st64 bytes from seq=19 ttl=57 time=16.359 ms
64 bytes from seq=20 ttl=57 time=26.222 ms
64 bytes from seq=21 ttl=57 time=17.931 ms
64 bytes from seq=22 ttl=57 time=16.729 ms
64 bytes from seq=23 ttl=57 time=15.846 ms
64 bytes from seq=24 ttl=57 time=61.416 ms

64 bytes from seq=25 ttl=57 time=17.366 ms

64 bytes from seq=26 ttl=57 time=32.319 ms
64 bytes from seq=27 ttl=57 time=16.199 ms
64 bytes from seq=28 ttl=57 time=16.798 ms
64 bytes from seq=29 ttl=57 time=16.995 ms
64 bytes from seq=30 ttl=57 time=34.650 ms
64 bytes from seq=31 ttl=57 time=16.603 ms
64 bytes from seq=32 ttl=57 time=16.757 ms
64 bytes from seq=33 ttl=57 time=16.707 ms
64 bytes from seq=34 ttl=57 time=17.260 ms
64 bytes from seq=35 ttl=57 time=15.737 ms
64 bytes from seq=36 ttl=57 time=33.574 ms
google.com ping statistics —
37 packets transmitted, 37 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 14.516/26.787/117.506 ms

This indicates that the internet connection is fine, the problem is with your “link in file manager.”

ha, ok. thanks very much for your help. i think I’ve done the ‘ping’ correctly?
i followed the steps in the link you sent me, then typed ‘ping google.com

You’ve done the ping perfectly!

Next time though place any long terminal output / logs / media info on paste bin:


It looks like you have a network connection with Internet access.

Remember that Kodi isn’t a reliable indicator of whether you have an Internet connection.