Write errors + kodi 17


on my raspberry pi, using kodi 17, my external drive was formatted as NTFS, but i kept running into problems where my videos would freeze. so i decided to reformat my external and i formatted it as Mac Journaled, and now I’m getting write errors. should i reformat the external back to NTFS?


also, can i designate where i want to export my library?, i would prefer to have it backed up to the sd card i have.

thanks again

If the disk is dedicated to be connected to the raspberry I would suggest to use a native Linux Filesystem like ext4 or Btrfs

Are you actually using OSMC?

yes i am, why would i be here asking a question in the OSMC forums if i didn’t use that OS?

You’d be surprised. As fzinken says, ext4 would be optimal as far as the pi is concerned.