Wrong SSH/FTP password


I have OSMC on my RPi installed and i can’t connect to it via SSH and FTP - it says wrong password. Funny thing is that i can log in through terminal with standard password (osmc/osmc). Is there any way to change SSH and FTP password?

Thanks for help in advance

If you can log in through terminal, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have SSH access. Are you sure you are connecting to the right pi/ip?

Yes, I’m sure. I have just found the reason - i was trying to connect with android client it seems that it was the problem. Putty connects with OSMC without any problem.

Thanks anyway.

Thanks, I am having the same issue (ConnectBot). I will try with another android client and perhaps play a bit with the settings. I will publish if there is success.

I was able to connect with VX ConnectBot (VX is a ConnectBot derivative that is even better, I could send ctrl keys like ctr+c).
Also I did connect with putty first and the VX.
I did several other things, but I suspect it was one or both of the latter measures.