Xbmc-send turns on my TV while updating videodb

I im using cron to execute "xbmc-send --action=“UpdateLibrary(Video)” twice a day on RPI2-RC1 and every time the TV turns on, can’t find any options anywhere to make it not do that.

My TV is an Samsung smart TV 2010 model.

I have set it to scan at 5 in the morning, and when i get op an hour later the TV is on, and it scan again at 16.15 before i get home from work, and again the TV is on.

Any suggestions??

Check your CEC settings in Settings->System->Input Devices->Peripherials->CEC and make sure to disable all the features relevant to activating/turning on the TV, for example there is one that says wake devices when deactivating screensaver. It’s likely that the screensaver comes on after a while and that the Update Library action cancels the screensaver thus waking the TV.

works thanks @DBMandrake :wink: