YACReader server on Osmc

Evening everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to run a YACReader server on my Vero 4K. I don’t mean if it’s powerful enough (This machine is a beast!) but if the tutorial which I’ll link to is able to do so using the commands.

YACReader headless server

Thank you in advanced.

It looks like a headless application. I think those instructions would therefore work as-is.

While it is headless not sure what dependencies this sudo apt-get install qt5-default will pull in.

Okay, I will hold off on installing it. I have it on a rpi but with the vero being a lot stronger I figured I’d ask. Thank you both for your responses.

The following tutorial assumes a fresh install of Raspbian,

To me, it’s a bit odd that they are claiming to be working without a graphical interface, but using qt5. WIth Raspbian, that would be OK, since there is an X server. With OSMC that could be a problem. (BTW, this also go for OSMC on a Pi)

You may want to ask the developers about it.