Yellow flash - top right corner

Hi all,

about a week my RPi2B showing yellow flash in the top right corner. As per previous posts it should means “under-voltage”… but I have tested 4 power supplies I have at home… and it is same for all of them…
It seems strange that 4 different PSs should not give enough energy.
I tested PS of: Samsung, LG, OnePlus and one noname from ebay… yellow flash displayed for all of them.

Any advise? Thank you in advace.

Yes, use a proper power supply like the one available on the OSMC store instead of a phone charger.

Do you anything plugged into the USB ports?
If yes that maybe you need a powered hub.
Have you overclocked?

Hello paulwebster,
no, I have just PS of above mobiles plugged to the el. socket and then USD>microUSB cable directly to the RPi2B, no other devices there.
RPi2B not overclocked, just simple OSMC downloaded from and installed.
Connected through 1GBit UTP network to the NAS.

I have ran it on that no-name eBay PS from about 1,5 years, no issue till now.
But also other mobile chargers which supposed to give 2-3A seems not be enough now.

I have ordered RPi PS 5V/3A just now… so hopefully that will fix that, if not… no idea what I should do next… I will come back here…

It will, you shouldn’t power your pi with mobile charger, that’s not what they’re for.

I do use stronger mobile charger, 5V 2A, it was OK for 1,5 years, so just wondering what happened now? Why is it not enough anymore?
I thought it might died, but I have same “yellow flash” for 3 other chargers as well… so seems like RPi2B started consuming more power with new OSMC version…

Correct. Also, power supply can degrade in time.

Have you tried a different usb cable??

ooZee: yes, it seems so :frowning:

Dilligaf: yes, I did. Replaced 1m long, by 0,5m long - brand new, bought yesterday. Yellow flash is not present when OSMC boot and login screen, but once I login in, by any user, it popup again :frowning:

So, I have to wait for new PS to arrive… till then I have to survive with this one…

Thank you all for help.

Buy an official one and problem solved

I have been getting this sporadic power warning on my RPi2 since day one, usually in the kodi menu when accessing long lists (NIC is probably sucking too much power), and i’ve tried maybe 10 different cables and various supplies to get rid of it. Even putting a hefty regulated 2A 5V supply on it does not preclude the occasional flash.
There there is no reason to buy an ‘official’ supply. Just post the damn power requirements so we can find a matching PSU.

2A is definitely enough, but what I suspect may be the problem in your case, there are electrolytic capacitors on the output usually, to smooth the delivery and act as a ‘reserve’ so that current can be delivered when the load is momentarily higher. If these capacitors are of the cheaper variety, or they are just too old, they won’t have the ability to do this function properly, so when your RPi demands power, the PSU cannot fulfill it.

2A/5V with a constant delivery of 5V at 2A. Every dip below 5V will flash the☇ warning and cause instability of the Pi

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These are not our requirements, these are the requirements of the Pi itself and that is out of our control. We are just providing advice based on a vide wealth of experience. You can’t blame us for suggesting the OSMC power supply which has been well tested and we KNOW will work fine, anything else may be ok but we wouldn’t want to suggest it in case it isn’t ok.

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It’s no great mystery: 5V @ 2A. This means that the PSU must provide a stable 5V even at maximum load. Chargers generally fall short in this respect. The gauge of the wire to the device is also important, as is the length of the cable. (I think the official Pi PSU cable is 1.5m @ 18 AWG. Most USB cables don’t come anywhere close to this spec.)

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A very simple Google away anyone can find the manufacturer’s recommendations…

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