Yellow Line


We were watching some 1080p content last night, paused, and on resume a yellow line appeared on the right side of the screen. I’ve attached a photo of what we saw. The line disappeared when I switched to 2160p output. Switching back and the line appeared again. I tried the following to try and eliminate it.

  1. Kodi Calibration menu - no effect.
  2. Unplug and plug in HDMI - no effect
  3. Power cycle - no effect
  4. Power cycle AVR - no effect.

The only thing i didn’t try was to power cycle the TV.

Video chain is Vero4k > Denon x2300 > Sony 940e

I checked this morning and the issue was gone. I’m going to assume that power cycling the TV fixed this. Screen shot attached. Please let me know what I can do if this issue crops up again.


If the issue occurs again, some debug logs will help.

Can you confirm if this occurs with all content, or perhaps a subset of content?
A sample file to reproduce the problem would be even better. I do wonder if when you switched to 2160p/smpte, your calibration was off slightly so you simply didn’t see the line.


Sorry about the late reply but it hasn’t happened since then. I’m chalking it up as a one time occurrence.

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