YouTube Dash

With dash enabled all videos fail. When trying to configure mpeg dash says sources are missing

Anyone else having issues

I think this was reported recently. I believe it affects all platforms.

With DASH enabled some videos can be played but others can’t. The Youtube addon is getting frequent fixes.

What made me wonder however that I still had to manually download and enable the Inputstream addon. Shouldn’t it be included with Krypton?

Anyway here are the steps that will get you set up on the Vero 4K:

  • Download and install the Kodinerds Repo:
  • Install the Binary Addons for Raspberry 2+3 (Strangely the “AML S905” edition is not working)
  • Install the “InputStream Adaptive” addon from the Binary Addon Repo

This worked. It updated the version of inputstream and now videos play fine.

Yes – I believe we do build and include inputstream with OSMC.

The add-on should be available, but might have needed enabling.

Probably because it’s built for AArch64.
Vero 4K still uses armhf userland, and the add-on doesn’t seem to do anything platform specific, which is why Pi2/3 binaries work fine.