Youtube plugin crashes on osmc alpha 4 & raspberry pi 2

youtube plugin crashes on osmc alpha 4 & raspberry pi 2, with some kinds of search terms. specifically it REGULARLY crashes when searching the word “five” and it does not crash with word “little”. weird, but perfectly reproducible on my box. Any thoughts?

For addon related problems you’re best contacting the author of the addon. OSMC is running a fairly standard Raspberry Pi build of Kodi 14.1, so there isn’t anything in particular that would cause the youtube plugin to crash where it wouldn’t also crash on another Linux based install of Kodi.

There are also two different youtube Addons for Kodi, the original one that has been around for a while and a new one by a different author, so see if you can find a copy of the other youtube addon and see if it crashes.

Problem was apparently corrected in the newest version of youtube plugin (5.0.7 or so).
Thanks for reply.