Youtube Plugin not playing some videos


I have a strange issue with my OSMC running on an PI3

some Videos will not start, and give a failed to play error. (no video streams found)
others will work fine.

for example, this will work:

and this fails:

kodi.log with debug:

01:05:06 601.261536 T:1480586224   DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(11, /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/ instantiating addon using automatically obtained id of "" dependent on version 2.1.0 of the xbmc.python api
01:05:06 601.895874 T:1480586224   DEBUG: [] Using API key set: 1
01:05:06 601.906738 T:1480586224   DEBUG: [] Starting Kodion framework by bromix...
01:05:06 601.969788 T:1480586224  NOTICE: [] Running: YouTube (5.3.6) on Jarvis (16.1) with Python 2.7.9
01:05:06 601.969910 T:1480586224   DEBUG: [] Path: "/
01:05:06 601.970093 T:1480586224   DEBUG: [] Params: "{'action': u'play_video', 'videoid': u'o_QbyP6q0AQ'}"
01:05:06 601.987915 T:1480586224 WARNING: [] DEPRECATED "plugin://"
01:05:06 601.988098 T:1480586224 WARNING: [] USE INSTEAD "plugin://"
01:05:06 601.993652 T:1480586224   DEBUG: [] Selecting YouTube config "All"
01:05:06 601.993896 T:1480586224   DEBUG: [] User is logged in
01:05:07 602.519470 T:1956389808   DEBUG: DialogProgress::Open called
01:05:07 602.519653 T:1956389808   DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogProgress.xml) ------
01:05:07 602.895813 T:1480586224   DEBUG: POParser: loaded 141 strings from file /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/
01:05:07 602.896301 T:1956389808   DEBUG: WaitOnScriptResult- plugin returned failure
01:05:07 602.896484 T:1480586224   DEBUG: [] Shutdown of Kodion
01:05:07 602.896790 T:1956389808   ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [plugin://]

Thanks a lot, a manual update of the plugin solved it :relaxed:

Youtube addons it’s on serious developing in this period… on official thread there’s a mirror for github source, the best thinks i thinks it’s download the master zip from here and upgrading and waiting for future release whit all issue fixered…

There is no need to get the latest from github.

The current maintainer of the plugin has a repo which is updated before the official kodi repo is.
Install that repo and you will automatically get the latest version.

the repo is linked at the beginning of the official youtube plugin thread on the kodi forums.

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