Youtube Plyaback issues


I have had an ongoing issue with youtube playback. I have OSMC for 720p resolution. Youtube videos 720p or better that are 20+ minutes or longer will play normally for about 10 minutes, and then sound will cut out, and video will play frame by frame. I have to stop the video, select it again from the list, and resume playback. What is the best method in troubleshooting this issue?

Find a video that fails reliably. Post a debug log when playing this video. Report the elapsed time of the video when it stops playing well.
Explain how to find this video (e.g. search terms) and it will be interesting if others get the same issue or not.
Try with omxplayer enabled and disabled. If one plays well it narrows things down.

Under Settings > Video (advanced)

I enabled “display refreshrate” to always. And definantly improved playback.