Youtube Trailers judder

I bought my Vero 4k specifically so I could get buttery smooth 24p playback from movies that android could never offer and I couldn’t be happier. I’m having an issue though with watching trailers from the youtube plugin. The video and audio would freeze and cut out. If I changed my kodi display refresh from 60 to 23.98 the cutout would stop but some trailers would have horrible judder (I’m guessing 60p trailers?). I switched it back to 60p and unchecked sync playback to display. The cutouts were gone this time too, but on the judder trailers above, this time would look great, and on the trailers above that looked great would now have judder (I’m guessing the 24p trailers?). I have adjust display refresh rate set to always. Does OSMC not change the refresh rate for youtube trailers?

It should do if you are watching it in full screen
If it happens again, upload a debug log and we can see what is happening


I’m sure it’s in my settings. I can make it happen anytime, but before I do that and debug, can you go over the recommended settings?

My equipment:
Sony 1080p TV capable of auto-switching to 24p
Yamaha 5.1 DTS receiver
Vero 4k

DASH is disabled in the youtube plug-in
Default (AML-M8AUDIO Analog), PCM
Best Match
No passthrough
Kodi display 1920x1080p @ 60hz
Adjust display refresh rate: Always
Sync playback to display: Unchecked
Keep audio device alive: Always

Should have passthrough on, exact settings depends on receiver capabilities.
Should be set to HDMI
Channel layout should be to set to 5.1

If I start the trailer and immediately pause for 5 seconds or so, it seems everything is great. Is there a way I can increase the buffer for YouTube trailers?

I’ll see if we can fix this In OSMC itself

I’m sorry to waste your time, looks like this is working marvelously in the OSMC skin. I’m using the Horizon skin - I didn’t realize the trailers were skin dependent. Horizon has some crazy overlay they do for trailers which is causing both buffering and not to change refresh rate. I’ll move my discussion over to the Horizon forum.

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