YouTube WatchLater problem


watch later

        if 'watchLater' in playlists and settings.get_bool('', True): 
            watch_later_item = DirectoryItem(context.localize(self.LOCAL_MAP['youtube.watch_later']), 
                                                 ['channel', 'mine', 'playlist', ' WL']),

DEBUG: [] Path: "/channel/mine/playlist/WL/

No space before WL, and dont work WatchLater

This seems to be a bug in the plugin.

Please contact the plugin developer for support.

But it work for LibreElec.
Something in the system trims spaces.


Are all plugins in both systems up to date?

And mybe the space before the WL is wrong?

DEBUG: [] Setting content-type: “episodes” for “/channel/mine/playlist/ WL/”

This LibreElec,it works.
And Pivos Xios Kodi works too.

OSMC does not trim spaces within add-on code. You should seek support from the addon developer.