3D HSBS mkv weird

@tanio99 Yes, after changing the GUI to 720/60, the clip plays properly. Speaking of which, one of my Vero’s, after stopping a 3D video, displays a black screen. It’s inconsistent; happens maybe 40-50% of the time. Was curious if it had to do with the resolution of the GUI. But after changing it to 720p/60, it did the same thing. I either have to reboot it, or switch inputs to another source, then back to the Vero in order to get the GUI to display. It seems to apply to all 3D content, whether SBS, TAB, or frame packed. This Vero is connected to a Samsung LCD, which reports “no signal” when the issue occurs. My other Vero, which is connected to a Panasonic plasma, has never had that issue. I’ve tried 1080/60, as well as 1080/59.94. Not sure if I’m overlooking something obvious…

I’ve expected it to work in that setup, thanks for testing.

I’ve also an old Samsung TV here and from time to time I get also a black screen and that “no signal” message after 3D playback. But I don’t get it as often as you do. And I never got it when my Vero was connected to my projector. So I suppose it’s a Samsung thing. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to reproduce it reliably. So it’s hard to fix.

Yeah, I’ve learned to just lived with it. I might be exaggerating; it’s probably more like 20-30% of the time the black screen thing happens. It’s just weird because I have an RPi3 running OSMC/Kodi 18.9 connected to a Sammy LCD that was manufactured around the same time, and have never had that issue. And I don’t remember if it’s always been a problem with that Vero. I feel like it might have started after upgrading to one of the Matrix builds. But I can’t be certain. Anyways, I appreciate your help and insight! I’m just glad to be able to still play my 3D content after all these years.

I would try changing your adjust refresh rate setting from on start/stop to always and configure a whitelist that includes at least 720 and up resolutions and see if that works a bit better.

Hey there. Just did the February 2024 update and it appears the 720p issue for HSBS and HTAB content still persists. I’m assuming the vertical scaler fix never made it into a production build?

You’re right, sorry, it didn’t make it into a production build, because it’s still stuck somewhere in my brain. Unfortunately, the lipsync issue hit us and this one got higher priority :frowning: . Your issue is not forgotten and I’ll fix it ASAP (after the lipsync issue was fixed).

Ha! No worries. Glad it’s still on the radar and I really appreciate the support… On a side note, the weird Samsung blackout issue I described above was solved by selecting “Force 422 colour sampling” in System → Display. Maybe that will help someone else who experiences the same symptoms…