3D Playback

Got my new Vero 4K+ in today to be able to play my mkv/mvc rips on my BenQ HT2050 via my Denon X4300H.

At first no matter what I did, my projector wouldn’t recognize the movies as 3D and manually enabling any of the 3D modes on the BenQ didn’t help. It would just display a double image.

I finally noticed that none of the available display resolutions were 3D - they all said 2D. Kept tinkering and googling and finally had the idea to disconnect the HDMI cable going to my 4K TV. (The Denon has two monitor outputs.)

Low and behold it worked. I now had all available 3D modes, the projector switched automatically and the movies played normally.

However that’s a PITA and something I’ve never had to do before. But up until a few months ago, the TV was also a 3D model so maybe that’s why it always worked?

I should note that while using the projector, no 4K resolutions are available but they are when using the TV. But for whatever reason, the Vero isn’t recognizing 3D as being available unless the TV is disconnected.

At a loss on what the solution is.

If the Denon is not combining the display capabilities of both displays in a fake EDID and sent that you would need to create manually the respective capabilities files using the information when the TV is connected and disconnected.
See this thread for and idea of the concept.

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That did it….finally. I saw that thread earlier but didn’t think it applied.

I’m a complete newb to Kodi so it took me a while to get the file to work. Wasn’t sure what the file type was and the threads didn’t say.

Ended up using a command line to copy the existing file (had “file” for an extension) and just edited it.

Thanks a bunch!

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Excellent question, excellent answer.

Glad this now works for you.