5.1PCM being converted to 7.1PCM - how to stop this?

One step at a time.

5.1 is the biggest situation to fix for now.

I know, I know… Don’t want to rush or hurry anyone. :wink: Just asking, whether this could allow for more, if possible at all. It sounds like a scalable solution (yes, IF it works). Right?

Closing this now. See [TESTING] Improved LPCM output for Vero 4K

Testing has been moved again… See here: [TESTING] Improved multi-channel PCM for Vero 4K

Testing by as many as possible would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that the February update has been released, the PCM improvements have been made public as well. Please check it out and report back, if you happen to find anything obscure… :+1:t2:

Otherwise enjoy the improvements!