Advancedsetting - How to access and edit parameters?


first of all sorry for my English.

I want to change the default “RECENT FILES” max value from 25 to 50.

I think this can be done in advancedsettings.xml →

35 <!-- number of recently added items. Defaults to 25

The problem is that I do not know how to access this file, and If I found it, how to edit.

I think it must be through ssh, isn’ it? I connect with osx terminal writting ssh osmc@ip and with password osmc.

Once I am connected, with ls command I just see:

osmc@osmc:~$ ls
BACKUP LIBRERIA Movies Music Pictures TV Shows

I am certainty a little bit lost :smile:

Thanks in advance!

I have not modified advancedsettings.xml myself, so this is just my read based on the the link you provided.

The first thing I noticed is the disclaimer that “The advancedsettings.xml file does not exist by default. You have to create it first!”. So if you have not already created it yourself (in which case you would know where it is), I can understand why you might have trouble finding it! :slight_smile:

The site also says that if you want to create “advancedsettings.xml”, it should go in the userdata folder. The userdata folder resides inside the kodi folder. And the kodi folder is hidden, so this would also have made things tricky to find.

When using ssh, if you specify -a in your list command, it will show all, and then you will see the .kodi folder I mentioned:

It sounds like in that userdata folder, you will need to create a file called “advancedsettings.xml”, and populate the file with:


You can do that through ssh directly. Or, if you are not so comfortable with ssh, you can also create advancedsettings.xml separately (in a text editor on Windows, for example), and then use a GUI-type ftp client (like FileZilla or WinSCP) to upload to the location described above.

interesting I will try

I did not know osmc can be accessed by FTP

If anyone has more information, it will be great, thanks!

thanks thanks a lot

it works as hell! easy, thanks for the text for the xml file

I’m glad it worked out!

Just wanted to build a custom player with password restricted.
Can you help