After Stable version - No more Update ? Where's a project like Nightly or similar?

I’m begin to use OSMC on my Raspberry Pi2 from RC1… install update to RC2… RC3 and days after days reach the STABLE days released about one or two week ago and after that ?

No more updates :frowning:

Before the stable version it’s released i have installed every updated and days after days i never obtained problems… the OSMC it’s better days after days… at this point when it’s possibly to install a image like nightly ??
Or when it’s possibly to continue to obtain a daily updates for reach a RC4 ?

You clearly don’t understand here… There are no more RCx. We’re stable. There will be more fixes and feature additions but they will not be daily. More like monthly or as necessary. If some 3rd party wants to begin building nightly Kodi 16 builds for OSMC, we’d love to see it, but we still have too much work and not enough resources to do that in house.

You say you’ve done all the updates and you have no problems? Great! Enjoy your trouble free system. We hope to bring better performance and more features as soon as we’ve built/implemented/exhaustively tested them!

We will offer nightlies again soon enough for Kodi.

But read this OSMC updates explained - OSMC for more info on updates. We have moved to a monthly release cycle.


Oh yes… i can’t wait to return to nightlies and for now the stable version it’s greatfull and fully working :smile:

I continue to see this section in future days/week for read some news about this or the main site :smile:

What would you like to see in a new version?

I ask because I’d like to know what’s lacking…


Hi, I came accross this thread, looking for a way to install kodi nightlys, which I read was possible on raspbmc. There is for example a new feature in Kodi 16 called “Long Press”, where long pressing a button on your remote opens up the context menu. This is very useful if your remote has no button associated with the context function.

You’ll find nothing for Raspbmc anymore though. Support is no longer offered for Raspbmc.

Yes, I know. I was looking for OSMC nightlys, which doesn’t exist atm. I only replied, because Sam asked what’s lacking in the current build.

Sure, in any event, the link above is an indication that they may soon be available.

Someone in the community needs to step up and do this, as I don’t have the time. If you are interested, then I can help you get started