After update, Remote Back button does not stop video playing

After update Back button on remote does not stop video playing . I had a keymap that allowed me to do this.

Did you try re-applying the keymap?

@Villa10101 There changed a lot with the new OSMC release since the original OSMC remotes are now handled as keyboards. This article should be helpful for you: OSMC Remote - Long Press Keymap Guide
I’m sure if you were able to create your own customized keymap in the past it should be no issue for you to do the same with the new architecture. @darwindesign will help also on need.

You can recreate this mapping with the Keymap Editor add-on by programing the back button in

Keymap Editor>edit>fullscreen video>playback>stop>

and if relevant to your use

Keymap Editor>edit>fullscreen live tv>playback>stop>

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